Beyond Just Internet

Written by रिम्सोङ्मा (Rimsongma), Art by her friend Pleasure of practicing Agency, Autonomy and Self-Determination My first experience with porn was back in 2008. Watching porn was hugely uncomfortable and shameless thing. Obviously, because it was about sex, but...

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Look at me now

Article and photograph by : edamame The year is 2009. I am wearing my favorite tights, the black see-through ones with bright neon blue lines that create long spirals around the length of my legs when I put them on. I am topless; lying on my stomach with my ass on...

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यौनिक अभिव्यक्तिमाथि नियन्त्रण किन?

लेखक - रीता बरामु   समाज लामो कपाल पाल्ने र कानमा मुन्द्रा लाउने हजारभन्दा बढी केटालाई ‘चुल्ठेमुन्द्रे’ भन्दै प्रहरीले नियन्त्रणमा लिई कपाल काटिदिएको र मुन्द्रासमेत निकाल्न लगाएको घटना धेरै वर्ष भएको छैन । प्रहरीले त्यसरी नै होटेलको कोठाबाट जोडीहरू...

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