Our Board Members

Supriya Manandhar
Supriya is an art director and freelance illustrator. She has also dabbled in journalism, working as desk editor of The Record in 2017 - 2018. Supriya comes from a formal background in visual arts and art education. She is a feminist and a Newa activist.
Sarita Lamichanne
Sarita is a visually impaired change maker. She is the founder of Prayatna Nepal which is an organization working to empower visually impaired women to take their lives into their own hands. Apart from this, she is also a professional motivational speaker.
Bharat Shrestha
Bharat is a professional developmental worker on the field of public health, education, and social science. He is also a queer activist.
Dovan Rai
Dovan did PhD in Computer Science researching on education technology - at the intersection of education psychology, game design, datamining and Artificial Intelligence. She identifies as a feminist and socialist and is looking for ways to make feminist socialist impact through technology, particularly AI.
Pallavi Payal
Pallavi Payal is a political researcher and a feminist Mithila artist exploring ideas to re-invent Mithila art in current times to try to explain the impact of the citizenship amendment bill on Madhesi women, the culture of silencing women, and other patriarchal and misogynistic mindset that affects the lives of women, through Mithila Art.

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