Capacity Building

Body & Data recognizes the need for capacity building of the communities we work with – women, queer folks, women with disability, activists, tech persons, activists, and ally organizations. For this, we conduct digital security training workshops and creating safe space for the communities through digital storytelling workshops.

Our independent workshops

Queering the Interweb, 2020


Digital Storytelling Workshop, 2020


Feminist Tech Exchange, 2019


Feminism, Sexuality and Internet - The Missing Link, 2019


Cross Movement Collaborations:

We actively collaborate with different ally organizations working in the fields of gender, feminism, sexuality and digital rights, and tried to interlink the working areas of each other. We work on building solidarity and collaborative movement building on our quest for a more feminist internet.


Body & Data is a movement that integrates feminism, Technology and internet right, gender and sexuality based in Nepal. We envision to creating free, open and just internet that respects autonomy of individual and upholds their dignity.

Body & Data is hosted by Vision for Change