Advocacy and Campaigns

We believe it is important to be vocal, visible, and run campaigns and do public advocacy for women and queer people’s rights. Discourses surrounding the issues of freedom of expression, privacy, censorship, surveillance, and policies that affect marginalized communities should be magnified on the internet.

Online Campaigns

For the visibility and engagement of women and queer folks online, we launch various online campaigns through our social media – for advocacy, awareness of different laws surrounding online behaviors, as well as against violence against women and queer folks.

Privacy Campaign

Misinformation during Corona Pandemic Campaign

16 Days of Activism, 2019

Online Gender Based Violence Campaign, 2019

Campaign Against Online Violence

Campaign around Information Technology (IT) Bill

#MyPromise Campaign

Twitter Chat on Online Violence and Experiences in Online Spaces

Forums and Affiliations

One of our key works is to advocate for a safer, open internet that is free from violence, surveillance and where our rights and dignity are protected, understanding the intersectionality and realities of sexual and gender diverse people. We occupy national, regional, and global spaces, through independent or affiliated events where we were invited to facilitate sessions, speak on panels and participate in discourses on gender, sexuality, digital rights, and feminist internet.


Body & Data is a movement that integrates feminism, Technology and internet right, gender and sexuality based in Nepal. We envision to creating free, open and just internet that respects autonomy of individual and upholds their dignity.

Body & Data is hosted by Vision for Change