“Unshackling Expression: A study on criminalisation of freedom of expression online in Nepal’’ by Body & Data, in collaboration with Association for Progressive Communications with the support of the CYRILLA, is a study in continuation of the 2017 report – Unshackling Expression: A study on laws criminalising expression online in Asia.

Freedom of expression is a basic human right. This right extends to the digital space too. This report provides insights on how the laws and policies in Nepal surrounding freedom of expression is  operationalised and implemented; either to protect and promote freedom of expression or to restrict it. This report also examines the case laws relating to freedom of expression and the rationale behind the judgements. This report provides a comprehensive scenario of freedom of expression online with Nepalese laws and policies and the problems surrounding it. The report is divided in order to legally assess the fundamental law, Penal Code and sectoral laws. The report also deals with the issues surrounding draft laws that are currently under consideration in the parliament that can be used to restrict freedom of expression online.