Internet : Boundaries & Beyond

इन्टरनेट : सिमा र सिमा भन्दा पर

This is a collaborative work between Deepti Silwal, who studies politics of city making and Shubha Kayastha, who examines internet from a feminist lens. This multimedia exhibit is based on a series of conversations, guided by the Feminist Principles of Internet, with around 30 individuals. These engagements opened space for people to express their preferences and hopes related to the internet they perceive and the one they experience. It explores the complexities, possibilities, resistance, and desires for the internet amidst existing power structures in society. In effect invoking our imaginations to showcase multiple possibilities to design and use the internet while rooting ourselves in our own realities.

Contributors: Binu Thapa, Bipana, Biswo Kumari Kayastha, Dipika Silwal, Kabita Bahing Rai, Karuna Manandhar, Kusum Lama, Mahima Pradhan, Mekh Limbu, Neha Gauchan, Pooja Duwal, Pramila Shrestha, Prassana Suman, Priska Bastola, Priyansh, Ram Maya Ramtel, Rashana Bajracharya, Rita Baramu, Sapana Sanjeevani, Sarita Lamichhane, Shambavi Paudel, Shanti Silwal, Shreeya Khadka, Shreyasha Paudel, Shripa Pradhan, Sujata Khadka, Ugesh, Yashashree

Internet एक, किच अनेक

Artists: Sapana Sanjeevani

The various stories of Internet explored through the poems of Rita, Shripa and Sarita where internet is personified, explored and visualized through colors and motifs of Mithila art by Sapana. The art depicts the varying emotions and experience of the different persona in the poems and the narratives of their ideal internet.

Poems by: Rita Baramu, Shripa Pradhan, Sarita Lamichhane

Why Censor!

Artist: Sujata Khadka
Concept: Shubha Kayastha

The pixelated paintings show censorship of women’s nipple and menstrual blood by social media companies through their guideline. Censorship controls one’s access and curbs expression and is guided by patriarchal mindset that women’s sexuality should not be a conversation in public.


Artist: Pooja Duwal

The art work showcases how internet has made it possible for me to explore my interests, and sparked new ones, which otherwise would have been inaccessible. The internet in my imagination as a ladder that leads to various rooms.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Story by: Shreeya Khadka

Illustrations: Deepti Silwal

Story of how personalized advertisement based algorithms on the internet can enable user’s personal insecurities to spiral.

A Fishy Point of view

Story by: Shreyasha Paudel & Shambavi Paudel

Illustrations: Deepti Silwal

Animation: Prassana Suman

A fishbone diagram showing some fictional headlines about women’s issues and online comments from two very different caricatures of online commentors. Their perspectives may not be as radically apart as one might imagine.


Artist: Rashana Bajracharya

The internet that connects us appears pollution-less, unlimited, flying in the atmosphere. But in fact, it relies on the limited resource in the earth. Neither its wireless nor it’s in the air. Let’s use internet wisely before Server farms take over our actual farms.

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